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SEAS – Support Enhance Access Service Centre
603 Whiteside Place | Toronto, ON | M5A 1Y7

S.E.A.S. was established in Greater of Toronto in 1986 to serve primarily Chinese, Vietnamese and Filipino. It is a not-for-profit and social services agency promoting individual well-being, enhancing family harmony and encouraging community involvement in all walks of life through diverse programs, volunteer opportunities and community activities. It offers clients access to information and referral services, family counseling, community and group participation and many other forms of assistance. It envisions a welcoming community that supports the integration of newcomers into Canadian life. It is a community where everyone can flourish and where everyone can contribute.

SEAS Centre has six key services including:

  1. Family Service :
  • Crisis Intervention of domestic violence, immediate help to ensure the safety of women and children, short term counselling, referral made if necessary. Women support group as well as parenting skills training.
  • Engage men to end violence against women, Men’s Program and the Leading Harmony Live Project is tailor made to meet the needs of men including family relationship building, coping skill training, mental health awareness and employment endhancement.
  • Early Year Child Education program is partnered with neighbourhood children service agencies to bolster a strong education plan for parents and children aged 6 and under.
  1. Neighbourhood Support Service:
  • Information and referral, application for subsidized housing and income support, filing Income Tax return and interpretation.
  1. Community Development and Volunteer Service
  • Volunteer recruitment, training and placement: Job orientation will be given upon completed training. They will involve in all aspects of the agency’s operation such as office management, fundraising, program planning, implementation and evaluation.
  • Outreach and networking with social service and health agencies to advocate for better services and policy change. Partnership and collaboration with local organizations and community members to organize community and festival celebrations.
  1. Senior Service
  • Engage healthy seniors and retired persons involving actively in the community. Using self-help model to organize weekly drop-in, monthly birthday party, educational and recreational activities, and peer support network.
  • Enhance the leadership skills and life skills of the seniors at the Toronto Seniors Housing buildings.
  1. Youth Service
  • Provide opportunities for individual empowerment and community engagement to enhance social inclusion and creative abilities of immigrant youths.
  • Hire youth interns to manage the public computer access sites for seniors and women.
  • Train youth to plan and organize children day camps and after-school programs.
  • Hire peer youth to lead the new immigrant youth in adaptation.
  1. Filipino Program
  • Develop and maintain a strong community network that advocates for human rights and migrants’ rights.
  • Focus on supporting the live-in caregivers in their transition period by guiding them through the complicated process of applying for permanent residence in Canada.
  • Prepare them for possible career change through on-line academic courses, life skills workshops and mutual groups sharing.

SEAS Centre has five service locations across City of Toronto and City of Markham.

More information please go to website: www. or contact us at 1-416-362-1375 or