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ISS-HK – International Social Service Hong Kong Branch
130 Hennessy Rd. | Wanchai,Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Branch of International Social Service (ISS), established in 1958, is especially committed to assisting and protecting children and families geographically separated due to migration, displacements and conflict issues through its inter-country casework service, cross-boundary assistance and international coordination effort. ISS Hong Kong achieves this global reach and influence because it is the leading Asia and Pacific Branch of the Geneva-based ISS global Network, established in 1924 and now present in more than 100 countries across all 7 continents.

Apart from providing inter-country social work assistance, ISS Hong Kong also proactively responds to the local community needs by providing an array of services. Establishment of the Integrated Family Service Centres (IFSC) and the ISS Family Institute strengthens its commitment to improve family relationships and functioning. While the IFSC provides one-stop, community-based services to families in district level, the Family Institute offers training programmes for helping professionals and counselling services for families.

It has long been involved in caring for children and youths by arranging inter-country adoption, finding temporary homes for children in foster care and small group homes as well as helping primary and secondary school students with their personal or schooling problems through the school social work service.

ISS Hong Kong has established a strong reputation in helping new arrivals from Mainland China and people of different ethnic groups in Hong Kong to integrate into the local community as well as in offering humanitarian assistance to torture claimants, asylum seekers and refugees in Hong Kong.

It also assists elderly persons who have been approved by the Government to reside in Guangdong and Fujian Provinces, Mainland China to continue to receive their social security or old age allowances.

ISS Hong Kong’s strength lies in its ability to provide service across borders, races and beliefs. It is able to offer social work assistance globally and to provide quality service locally. After more than 55 years of service, ISS Hong Kong has grown to become one of the most prominent service providers in Hong Kong touching the lives of over 100,000 people in Hong Kong, Mainland China and other countries each year.

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