CSCSD – Chinese Service Center of San Diego

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CSCSD – Chinese Service Center of San Diego
5075 Ruffin Rd. Ste A | San Diego, CA | 92123

The Chinese Service Center was founded by Sally Wong-Avery. Mrs. Wong-Avery started as a case worker for the Chinese Social Service Center in 1974. Since she spoke several Chinese dialects, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hakka and Toishan; she was able to assist many individuals in the Chinese community.

The Chinese Service Center’s mission is to provide services for the benefit of all ages and families of the San Diego Chinese community. We give personal attention to our clients which enable them to thrive in the San Diego community. The Center aims to pro- vide programs so that clients can gain self- confidence, self-respect and make meaningful contributions to their own independence and livelihood.

We provide the following service groups:
Referral Services; Community Supports; Education; Translations and Interpretations; Other Services.

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 2015 Health Fair
Coordinated by the CSCSD
 Children’s Tai Chi and Kung Fu
Yellow belt promotion
Taiwan Blue Ribbon Chef’s
Hosted by the CSCSD