CCNC – Chinese Canadian National Council


CCNC – Chinese Canadian National Council
1701 Trafaigar St. | London, ON | NSW 1X2

Chinese Canadian National Council (CCNC) – London Chapter was officially established in 1981, but an ad hoc committee headed by a group of active community members, was already organized in 1980 to lend support to the central committee in Toronto during the W5 affair. A steering committee was formed afterward to initiate the establishment of this local chapter. And in October, 1981, the London Chapter came into existence.

Supported practically by all citizens of Chinese extraction, the London Chapter quickly became the umbrella organization of the City of London, assuming the leading role in social activities and functions. The membership grew rapidly and the organization soon became the flagship of public affairs that are Chinese-related and which take place in the City of London and the surrounding areas. Before long, the London Chapter involved itself in cultural, educational, and philosophical matters that are Chinese in nature while abiding to the tenets of CCNC. With strong support by members and with matching grants from the Federal Government, a building was purchased, becoming one of the first local chapters to own and operate its own centre.

Aside from dealing with social injustice and political discrimination, successful events, activities and functions were numerous and popular, supported both by the Chinese Canadians and the mainstream society.

Allen Quan, the founding president of CCNC – London Chapter said, “Members come and go and will eventually grow old, no matter what their talents and dedication. What remains to be seen is how firmly will the future generations grasp the torch passed down to them by their elders. Let us hope their wisdom will guide them to the multicultural Promised Land.”


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