CASL – Chinese American Service League


CASL – Chinese American Service League
2141 South Tan Court | Chicago, IL | 60616

CASL was founded in 1978 when ten dedicated Chinese Americans came together to bridge the gap in services for Chinese American immigrants in Chicago. Starting with just a small budget of $30,000 and one staff member, CASL has grown into the Midwest’s most comprehensive non-profit social service agency for Chinese Americans with a $13 million annual budget and over 500 multilingual and multicultural employees.

CASL is located in the heart of Chicago’s Chinatown and housed in the award winning Kam L. Liu Building. CASL runs five separate service departments; Child Education and Development, Elderly Services, Employment and Training, Family and Community Services, and Housing and Financial Education. Through specific programs like Adult Day Services, Chef-Training, Child Day Care, and Youth Programs, CASL serves over 17,000 clients of all descents each year. In 1998, CASL has also developed an Affordable Senior-Housing Facility, just steps away from our main facilities. Around 130 elderly are housed in this 90 unit facility, all receiving culturally appropriate care.
The large majority of CASL’s 17,000 clients are immigrants who often do not have a formal education, possess few transferable job skills, and know little of the world around them. Since many of these individuals do not speak English and sometimes have no family or friends in the area, CASL becomes their instant family, friend, and teacher. As a community center for people of all ages CASL has established itself as an anchor institution in the community, employing the most individuals in all of Chinatown.

Founded on the principles established by Jane Addams’ Settlement House, CASL is truly a cradle to grave organization, supporting individuals from the day they were born to the day they pass away, providing social services to generations of families. It connects families and individuals of all ages with the vital support they need to flourish physically, economically, mentally, and socially, enabling them to thrive and contribute to the greater Chicago community.

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